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Hello world!

Every new blog deserves their celebratory "hello world!"-article, so here's mine!

I have been writing blogposts for quite some time now, but up until now I never wrote about anything related to development and design. So why start now? Does it really matter? Probably not, so let's get down to the part where I tell you more about this new blog of mine.

I'm dedicating this blog to the things I learn every time I struggle while building an app or website and to some of the lessons I learned while designing a certain interface or component and so on...

Normally I just jot some of it down in a little notebook from time to time. To remind me what I learned while I was building this or designing that...

So who am I?

I'm Claudia, a designer and hobbyist front-end developer. I wasn't always a hobbyist front-end developer, in the past I used to work full time as a front-end developer for a couple of agencies, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. Now I only work on personal side projects and things that matter to me.

You can find me on Twitter, but a little heads up, I am not really the type of person who actually tweets about development or design.